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Beta-Nu Alumni Association & Housing Corporation Board

The Beta-Nu Alumni Association and Housing Corporation Board mission is to provide a living-learning environment that is a home away from home for our undergraduate members. We also are focused on maintaining our alumni/parent communications program which helps host events, recognizes alumni, and asks alumni & parents for an annual contribution. By maintaining an active board of directors that remains in constant contact with the undergraduates we hope to maintain a 1st class facility and 1st class alumni/parent relations program.

If you would like to join our board, please send us a message.

Board of Directors

Bob Droste ’76

Vice President
Mike Gray ‘77

Russell Tucker ‘71

Jim Malone ’80

Property Management
Roger Baird ’72
Jeremy Bates ’90
Bill Erwin ‘90

Alumni Association
Joseph Bowling ’90
Michael Bowling ’86
Kenny Coleman ’03
Travis Frick ‘95
Michael Stacy ‘92

Architectural & Construction
Doug Cull ’80
(looking for others)

Bill Baustien ’76
Hank Robinson ’76
Jeff Uhling ‘76

Gary Ulmer ‘76

Marshall Hixon ’90
Jeremy Nalli ‘95