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David Ravencraft ’56

David Ravencraft graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1959, receiving his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration. He was greatly involved in All Campus Sing and Intermural sports.

Brother Ravencraft had many achievements throughout his undergraduate years. He was the President of the Student Government Association and Chairman of Judiciary while Vice President of SGA. In addition, he was President of the UK Troopers. Not only was David the President of two organizations, he was also involved in Lamp and Cross Senior Men’s Honorary Society and the Student Advisor of Cooperstown’s married student housing.

Although now retired, he worked for Ashland, Inc. for 39 years as well as a Washington Lobbyist and consultant, and the Director of Personal-Ashland Canada, sales management and human relations.

As referenced earlier, David served as a Washington Lobbyist formulating Energy Policy and Legislation for ethanol and synthetic fuels. He was a treasurer of the Synthetic Fuels Council. Additionally, he was the President of Aqua Terra, a wildlife and fisheries consulting group and managing partner of Brave Book Farm, a thoroughbred horse farm located in Kentucky. Clearly, Ravencraft was a successful man in his career path. His community involvement is also honorable as he was the President of Kentucky Society of Washington and Secretary/Treasurer of the Society of State Societies (sponsor of the National Cherry Blossom Festival).

Ravencraft stayed involved with the UK Alumni Association and became president in 1986. He also was the president of the UK Alumni of Washington. Currently, David resides in Reston, VA with his wife Charlene. They have three children, Matthew David, Lori Lynn, and Chad Thomas (deceased), three grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

When asked what Beta-Nu and Kappa Sigma meant to him, he said, “My Pledge Class had character and integrity. They were talented and devoted to each other and great singers. Some of us developed lifelong friendships, relying on one another, both personally and professionally. Several of us are still getting together from time to time and remain great brothers. Work hard at college, at both education and relationships. It can be one of the best times of your life…It was for me!”