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Honored Alumni

Kappa Sigma Man of The Year

2019 - James Stuckert ’56 (Click here for event program)

Beta-Nu’s Hall of Fame

Conceived as a way of honoring Kappa Sigma and Beta-Nu alumni for outstanding achievements, the first annualHall of Fame Awards Ceremony was held during Homecoming Weekend 2015 andwill become an integral part of our tradition at Kentucky. Kappa Sigma is a fraternity with great pride and a tradition of excellence, and our many distinguished alumni have served to enhance this throughout the years.

Hall of Fame Inductees are among a select group of alumni. This distinction honors brothers for their career achievements, service to the community, and dedication to the fraternity. Congratulations to all whom have earned this honor.

Click here for a pdf of the 2015 Hall of Fame Program

Basil Hayden ’20
Joseph Kimbrough ’23
Kenneth Lucas ’53
Wendell Cherry ’54
Gerry Nichols ’55
Paul Patton ’56
James Stuckert ’56
Kenneth Towery ’56
Al Sullivan ’57
Bill Cox ’61
James Paul ’62
Bill Corum ’63
Warren Denny ’63
David Jordan ’63
Butch Nichols ’65
Billy Forbess ’68
Russell Tucker ’71
Mic Wilson ’78
Michael Bowling ’86
Michael Stacy ’92

Click here for a pdf of the 2016 Hall of Fame Program

Reed Hume ‘55
David Ravencraft ‘56
Mickey Conner ‘57
George Brown ‘58
John Fitzwater ‘59
Thomas Kron ‘63
Frank Houpt ‘68
Larry Blair ‘70
Christopher McCleary ‘71
Roger Baird ‘72
Gary Ulmer ‘76
Mike Gray ‘77
Hank Robinson ‘77
Jonathan Nalli ‘93

Click here for a pdf of the 2017 Hall of Fame Program

Charlie English ’54
Jack Liddle ’56
Mac Zachem ’63
Lee Hess ’66
Bo Bollinger ’75
Joe Bryant ’78
Jeremy Bates ’90

Click here for a pdf of the 2018 Hall of Fame Program

Brig Gen Garryl C. Sipple ‘58
Phillip Bruce Leslie ‘66
Barry R. Ogilby ‘66
Daniel Thomas ‘67
Bill Leavell ’72
Jeremy D. Nalli ‘95

Click here for a pdf of the 2019 Hall of Fame Program

Tom Guglielmo ’71
Mark Joyce ’74
John Paul “Jay” Jones ‘74
Joe Bowling ’90
Matthew Mauller ’93


Thomas McCarty '68
David Dye '74 
Greg Lombardo '92 
Michael Cayse '01

Click here for a PDF of the 2020/2021 Hall of Fame program

Dr. Steven Shockey ‘74
Scott Shirley ’85
Thomas Meyer ’87
Troy Coulter ‘92
Ryan Heimke ’01