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John Paul “Jay” Jones ‘74

Brother John Paul (Jay) Jones II came to the University of Kentucky from London, Kentucky, and pledged at Beta-Nu in the fall of 1973. While attending the university Jay was involved in activities that included the Interfraternity Council; the Student Center Advisory Board; and membership in pre- law societies. Jay was privileged to be inducted into the honorary fraternity known as Lamp and Cross. He graduated in 1977 with a B.A. in Political Science. He attended the University of Kentucky Law School and graduated with a Juris Doctor in 1980.

Jay has served Beta-Nu in many capacities: Grand Master of Ceremonies, Grand Procurator, Pledge Trainer, and Grand Master in 1976-77. He also served on the Housing Corporation for several years. After graduating from law school Jay moved to Monticello, Kentucky, with his wife, Linda (Alpha Gamma Delta), where they have now lived for 37 years. Jay and Linda have two daughters: Shelby, a UK graduate and member of Alpha Gamma Delta; and Lindsey, a graduate of Northern Kentucky University. Since 1980, in addition to practicing law Jay has also served as Wayne County Attorney (1990 to 1998) and he is currently serving as Master Commissioner of the Wayne Circuit Court and Trial Commissioner of the Wayne District Court. He is active in the Monticello Kiwanis Club and First Christian Church.

Jay considers his experiences in Beta-Nu to be invaluable to him, both personally and professionally. He is grateful for the many friends he has across the United States as a result of his association with Beta-Nu. Jay’s advice to undergraduates is to

“Appreciate your time in college,” and “Make sure to keep in touch with your brothers after your college term because one of the most valuable and long-lasting benefits of your Kappa Sigma experience will be having close friends across Kentucky and all over the world.”

Jay’s experience at Kappa Sigma has given him a sense of belonging in this world in knowing there are thousands of brothers with whom he has something meaningful in common. That sense of belonging is important to his life personally, professionally, spiritually, and in his family life. His Beta-Nu Chapter experience and what it means to him is very personal. Jay was fortunate enough to have developed and kept close and significant friendships. He thanks all “Beta-Nuers,” especially those who were at Beta-Nu when he was in the 1970s.