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Matthew Mauller ’93

Matthew Mauller and his family live in Mitchell, Kentucky. He is married to Laura Sanker Mauller and they have three children: Lexi (13), Ali (10), and AJ (7). Mauller pledged in the fall of 1992 at Bowling Green State University and was initiated in the spring if 1993. During the fall of 1993, Mauller transferred to the University of Kentucky and affiliated himself with Beta-Nu Chapter. By the spring of 1994, he started the KE Hall of Fame where he also included past alumni. Mauller accomplished more than just starting the KE Hall of Fame during the year of 1994. He also infamously eliminated bottle breaking at parties. His reasoning for doing that was, “someone had to do it before we all ended up in the ER with gashes to our feet on the way to the shower” (Mauller). On top of that, he was also the formal chair for the First Ski Formal.

In the Spring of 1995, Mauller was elected Grand Master. As Grand Master, he held roles such as being the head of the fraternity, finalizing decisions, and dealing with external chapter relations. While he held this position, Mauller submitted their very first application to Nationals for award recognition. Although the application did not get accepted, Mauller demonstrated great leadership skills by being proactive. Later in the spring of 1995, Kappa Sigma received the KE Scholarship Leadership Award. Mauller attended the Biennial Conclave event in Virginia, where he went and discussed issues brought forward.

The following semester, Mauller continued to hold the Grand Master position where his position was put to the test. All four years, Mauller led Beta-Nu’s disagreement with the Dean of students, surrounding the issue of the expulsion of their chapter due to allegations against hazing. During this semester, Beta-Nu became the university’s example of “Zero Tolerance”. They were then able to reduce their sentence down to 3 years and maintained their National Charter.

In the Spring of 1996, Mauller graduated with his degree in Biology and opened up his own insurance center in 1998. From the years 2002- 2016, Mauller was constantly promoted to higher positions. In 2002, he was promoted to Senior Marketing Representative. In 2004, he was promoted to Vice President Marketing/Partner. In 2008, Mauller transitioned an agency called, Neace Lukens Agency Cincinnati, where he was promoted to President 2016.

Beta-Nu Chapter & Kappa Sigma mean a great deal to Mauller. Beta-Nu Chapter & Kappa Sigma are the foundation for several of Matthew’s longest friendships. He met some wonderful people and was given the opportunity at a young age to lead a group of peers. The friendships and experiences still benefit his life today. His advice to undergraduates is to put in work because something good will come out of it whether it be in Kappa Sigma or in life. You are only in school for a short time so invest it, run for EC, chair a committee or get involved with IFC or IMH. The experiences you gain and contacts you make will benefit you for life.