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Beta-Nu is Home

Beta-Nu is home for so many people.

It’s naturally a place to convene, learn, and live for the undergraduate members of the chapter. It’s where they make friends, develop relationships, debate everything from relationships to classwork to global happenings, and participate in memorable activities.

For alumni, it’s a comfortable place to stop by as they visit campus. They can meet young leaders, show off the facility and brotherhood to their families, and celebrate chapter and campus achievements.

Beta-Nu’s House Corporation is intimately involved in creating a quality living-learning environment for its young members. It’s also actively communicating with alumni and hosting special events to keep the Beta-Nu spirit alive.

Keeping alumni informed of the chapter’s latest activities, successes, and upcoming activities comes at a financial cost. In fact, between all the events, mailings, facility improvements, and miscellaneous items, the cost is around $15,000 each year. Contributions from alumni go a long way toward managing a strong alumni outreach program.

Alumni are asked to make a one-time or monthly recurring donation to help offset these expenses. Every dollar makes and incredible difference, allowing us to continue our high level of alumni relations. Donations may be made online or by mail, by visiting