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Keeneland 2018, Big Crowd, Big Fun

Perfect weather made for a great event with turnout over 200 strong for this year’s Keeneland event.  Grand Master Jackson Skeeters announced to the crowd that the chapter is over 100 strong and had the best rush on campus.  The Chapter is doing great!

The big news of the day was the announcement of the “Finish Line Matching Campaign” that will get us to groundbreaking this fall.  A $300,000 matching fund has been established to support getting the chapter house to groundbreaking this fall by matching all gifts of $5,000 or more!   We need to raise the other $300,000 in order to reach the $1.8M needed to break ground.  We are off to a good start with Tom Caywood ‘79 and Ted Fist ‘88 stepping up to sign their pledges at the event!  

The matching campaign goes through the fall Hall of Fame event on September 28, but in order to break ground this fall we need the ~60 donors committed before the Summer UK Board of Trustees meeting on June 21.  That means we need a donor a day to break ground this fall!

Please jump in and make your mark - you can pledge at the link below or reach out to any of the volunteers.  You can also call contact our Campaign Manager, Matt Noble, at or 520-990-3250 with questions.

You can find find the online pledgeform here.

Lets make the new house a reality.

More pictures from the event can be found here. If you have any to add, please email