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Russel F. Tucker ’71

Fresh out of the Marine Corps at 24 years old and attending Kentucky on the G.I. Bill, Russ Tucker had no desire to join a Fraternity. Hanging out at Ireland’s Bar he met a some guys, attended some parties, and after meeting the GM, Philip Niosi ’70, a fellow Marine, Tucker opted to pledge for future friendships.

Tucker was a member of Alpha Zeta Honorary Society and was the School of Agriculture’s Sophomore of the year in 1971. He graduated with a BS in Animal Science from the University of Kentucky School of Agriculture in 1974.

Russ worked with Standardbred horses on the track and a farm for a few years before starting with State Farm Insurance Agency in 1976, where he is “still at it” nearly 40 years later.

Brother Tucker has been active in his local community, serving on the Blue Grass Council and the Boy Scout of America Executive Board for about 25 years. He’s also involved with Equestrian Events, Inc, Rolex Kentucky Three-day-Event, where his past posts include serving on the Advisory Board and Chairman of Program Sales.

He has won the Lexington Diocese Diocesan award in 1990, the Blue Grass Council Silver Beaver Award in 1999 and in 2013 Russ was the Volunteer of the Year for Equestrian Events.

Brother Tucker has continued to be involved with Beta-Nu as well. He was a member of the Alumni Association in the early 80s and has been on the House Corporation since the early 90s. In 1995 he became the Treasurer, a post he continues to hold.

Russell has three children, Elizabeth Hobbs, Jennifer Nelson and Matthew Tucker as well as four grand children, Whitney Hobbs, Benjamin Hobbs, Harper Nelson, Emma Nelson, Mariah Tucker and Lucas Tucker.

Looking back at Beta-Nu, he notes, “The friendships I was looking forward to are still there. Through involvement on the House Corporation, I am still gaining friendships.