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Thomas W. Meyer ‘87

Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor at Fidelity Investments

Thomas Meyer joined the Beta-Nu Chapter in 1987 and did not waste any time getting involved and being a prominent leader in the chapter. Thomas graduated in 1990 as a University of Kentucky Fellow with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Finance and a minor in Economics. Today, Thomas continues to stay connected to the University by being an active member of the Alumni Association. Following graduation, Thomas began his career at Griffin Industries as an accountant and later employed by Fidelity Investments where he has worked for over 25 years. He is currently the Vice President and Wealth Management Advisor for Fidelity. Outside of work, Thomas is a husband to his wife Lauren and a father to three children: Jake, Ty and Luke.

Following in the steps of his father, Kenneth Meyer, a member of the Epsilon-Delta Chapter at Northwestern University, Thomas holds Kappa Sigma and the chapter of Beta-Nu close, sharing in the bonds of the chapter and relatives.