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Greg Lombardo '92

Vice President of Global Brand Marketing & Strategy at Hasbro

Greg Lombardo pledged the Beta-Nu chapter of Kappa Sigma in 1991 and worked up to be an active leader in the fraternity throughout his time in college.  During his four years on campus, he served as the Grand Scribe, pledge trainer, social planner, brotherhood development team member, house band member and even one of the original safe and sober designated drivers, all for the Beta-Nu chapter.   

Upon graduating from the University of Kentucky in 1995 with a degree in Marketing, Greg began working in Hebron Kentucky as a Product Manager for the Hasbro company, leading the development of Reebok-branded sporting goods, many of which were used by Reebok-sponsored Universities.  In 1998 Greg moved on in the company to become the Assistant Brand Manager for Hutch Sports U.S.A in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Due to Greg’s exceptional work ethic and acquiring skills, he moved up the ranks as Associate Brand Manager in 2000, Brand Manager in 2001 and Senior Brand Manager in 2003.  As Senior Brand Manager, Greg was in charge of product development as well as marketing and retail development for multiple big-name brands including, Tonka, Winner’s Circle, Pokémon, Batman, Jurassic Park, and brick construction brand BTR. 

With great success as a Senior Brand Manage, Greg continued to pursue challenging and larger opportunities, leading him to take on the role as Director for Global Brand Marketing and eventually Senior Director for the Global Brand Marketing & Strategy for Hasbro.  During this time Greg managed the entire Transformers Brand Franchise, expanding the brand by working on toy development, licensed goods strategy, marketing, TV advertising, digital entertainment and movie partnerships.  He was also involved with the development of motion pictures created for critically acclaimed director Michael Bay and George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic studio.  In 2011, as Senior Director, he became the leader of the Global Strategy and Marketing for Hasbro’s Arts & Crafts, which led him to work on the expansion of the brand Play-Doh.  A main focus for him during this time was the international growth of the brand, which included the development of TV Entertainment and product development, focused around the China market.  Greg once again showed great success with his work for the brand Play-Doh and his international and regional growth of the brand led him to take on the position in the Hasbro company as Vice President for Global Brand Marketing and Strategy in 2013.  

Greg has dedicated 22 years to the Hasbro Company and global consumer toy industry, continuing to lead the company to great success in consumer toy brands that have been major industry leaders in consumer goods or television/motion picture successes.  The dedication that Greg continued to show for the company, only grew more as he dedicated the success of the company to ensure his kids and kids who live on the margin could experience the enjoyment of toys as a part of growing up.  Greg continues to live out the values that the Beta-Nu chapter instilled in him and describes the chapter’s role in his life as, “Outside of my parents, Beta-Nu had the biggest impact on who I am as a person and who I have become professionally. Not only did I learn so much about myself and my abilities to be a leader, I also met the best friends I have had in my life. The brotherhood lasts a lifetime.”