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Harry M. Zachem ’63

Harry M. Zachem is President of his wholly-owned public affairs consulting firm, HMZ Consulting, LLC. A firm which specializes in government relations, public relations and civic affairs. Prior to engaging in the consulting business, Brother Zachem enjoyed a long career with Ashland, Inc., a Fortune 200 Company based in Kentucky. Prior to retirement, he most recently held the position of Sr. Vice President for Public Affairs. In that role he reported directly to the Chairman and CEO and served on the company’s Senior Management Committee. He supervised all federal and state government relations, public relations and communications, advertising, and the company’s charitable foundation. His career included ten years in Washington D.C., where he served as Vic

President of Federal Government Relations before returning to the corporate headquarters to assume the senior role. He graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1968 and the Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program in 1985. Mac has served on various Board of Directors of banks, retail businesses, colleges and several non-profit charitable organizations.

He has held many titles and responsibilities for various Republican Party organizations and served on several fundraising committees for candidates to state and federal offices during his career at Ashland, Inc. and ever since.

Companies such as Motorola, Inc., Phoenix Products, Inc., the Outdoors Ventures Conservancy, the Southwest Florida Conservancy, the Appalachian College Association, and trade associations including the Waterways Council, Inc. are all among his notable current and former clients.