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Mark Joyce ’74

Before joining Kappa Sigma or the University of Kentucky, Mark Joyce was a leader in Troop 30 of the largest boy scout group in Louisville. Mark served as an Assistant Scoutmaster and Chairman of the Boards Review. Through these positions, Mark was able to determine the importance of achieving his goals and understanding the lessons he’s learned.

Following his leadership path, Mark became an officer of Kappa Sigma. Through this process, Mark learned how to be a leader. He learned how to be patient, involved, and how to listen to others. He has found that these traits have really pressed him forward in life by teaching him how to interact with customers, vendors, and people with different opinions in business. Mark states, “The structure of a fraternity has many similarities of business and social settings that enabled me to go forward with confidence and earn the respect of others” (Joyce).

After Mark Joyce graduated, he got his first job advertising sales for the Sentinel News in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Later in his career, Mark then sold advertising for WZZX Radio, then transitioned to PriceWeber Marketing as an accountant executive. Mark then spent a short amount of time working at a car dealership. It wasn’t too long until Mark decided to start two lawn services, at different times, where his business was fueled by commercial and residential customers. Mark then began to work for Levy and Joyce Appraisals. After receiving assignments from the Family Court or estate attorneys, Mark would go and appraise the contents of people’s households. During this time, Mark owned and managed two rental properties. Later on in his career, Mark opened up his own liquor store called, Liquor World Old Henry.

During his time as a member of the Jaycees, Mark participated in programs that contributed back to the community. He became co-chair of the charity wine tasting event that attracted about 100 people. Mark then became chairman of the Stein Club. This club helped new members get involved early on. The organization grew from only a few members to several dozen.

Despite his many accomplishments, Mark became mayor of Brownsboro Village. This village contains about 185 households, causing a lot of responsibilities to be bestowed onto Mark. As mayor, Mark must make sure all services regarding waste management and road maintenance are met. Mark cooperates with contractors and the state government to make sure all government regulations are in order. Mark believes that through being in Kappa Sigma has developed his leadership skills, crediting it to all his career achievements.